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Private Residence

Flower Hill, New York

Most Americans buy a house because it fits their budget and serves a need, not because they love the design.  Most never realize the great freedoms offered by building their dream home.  This new 6,000 square foot residence, nestled in a distinguished neighborhood, was a memorable collaboration between owner and architect.  The project essentially involved three phases.  The first challenge being strict zoning regulations that played a dramatic role in shaping the design.  This should not be seen as a negative as it forced the creative design.  


Once approved, we began the design development phase which was a team effort of fine tuning both interior and exterior elements with every intention of creating a home that works aesthetically and more importantly functionally.  Lastly, the construction phase of the residence became the summation of all the parts.  The house proved to be very popular.  It has grown slowly and naturally over time as it has settled comfortably into its’ site.  The end result is a beautiful home that continues to draw community appreciation and has cemented a long-lasting client architect relationship.

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