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Glen Head Country Club

Glen Head, New York

The storied history of Glen Head CC can be found eloquently explained on the club’s website. Formed in the 1920’s for the wives of the members of the Creek Club, this venue has survived financial struggles and a clubhouse fire to endure beyond everyone’s expectations. With a growing passionate membership, the club has evolved today to a full-fledged event, catering, golf and tennis facility for its ever expanding membership. Undertaking a challenging 2.4 mil. Core designed kitchen expansion in 2014, the old wood framed estate was receptive to a full modern overhaul inclusive of a new elevator, new lower level bakery prep space and all new modern commercial kitchen and equipment to enable the Club to hold large events of 500 person or more with five star prepared quality food unparalleled in the Long Island Country Club community.

As Phase II of the club’s capital improvements in 2016, Core had collaborated with acclaimed interior designer Angela Grande of Winged Foot and Sebonack fame to create an award-winning Clubhouse interior equalled by only the elite clubs in the country. Stay tuned, Core will be working on the club’s exterior next. Transforming the clubs architectural presence atop the hill in Glen Head for years to come.  

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